What the Consumer Should Know About the Cat6a Cable Price

The Cat6a is one of those newer home security devices on the market, and this company touts its ease of use and ability to protect your home. There are a couple of things that people may ask about this device when contemplating purchasing one of them for their family. Someone may wonder why they should bother buying it or if it is a fantastic product to begin with. This column will try to give some advice about the Cat6a Cable Price.

This product is ideal for people who want to monitor their house when there is not anyone else in the house. If you’re a single individual, you may use it all the time as you aren’t at home, but for people who have a household, it may be more convenient to use this system when your children are home, and you may have a few minutes break and get some much-needed shut-eye. It requires that you have one wire that goes from your detector to the wall switch and rear, so you will require a surge protector. You may need to have a few additional cables to put in the wall to get power, but this is minimal and not something that would prevent you from using it.

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Cat6A Plenum Cable

The Cat 6a Cable Price is cheap for anyone, and it has a lot of advantages that make it stand out from other products. The essential thing that involves the cable industry with its reliability and the wires they send out are under laboratory testing for several years to ensure that they provide reliable service. That is one reason you can require the unit to work when you’re away from home for an extended period. 


Weight 41 lbs

Dimensions 11 × 15 × 15 in

Cable Jacket: UTP Plenum

Color: Yellow, Green, Red, Blue and White

Conductor: 100% Pure Copper Solid Conductor

Frequency: 750MHz

Installation Temp:0°C to 60°C

Length: 1000 FT

Pairs: 4 Twisted Pairs

Package: Wood Spool

PoE: IEEE 802.3af / IEEE 802.3at (PoE+)

Standard: FCC, CE, CSA, ISO/IES, RoHS

Wire Gauge: 23-AWG

Cat 6a Cable Price in the USA

Another great advantage that a consumer may find is that this system has a warranty, and this can be a significant part of the product when making a purchase. Consumers can expect the guarantee to last for anywhere from 1 year to thirty years, so there is no reason not to get this significant item.

Yellow Cat6a Plenum Pure Copper UTP 1000ft 750MHz 23 AWG Cable

White Cat6a Plenum Pure Copper 1000ft UTP 750MHz 23 AWG Cable

Blue Cat6a Plenum Solid Copper 750MHz UTP 1000ft 23AWG Cable

Red Cat6a Plenum Bare Copper UTP 1000ft 750MHz 23 AWG Cable

Green Cat6a Plenum 100% Copperr UTP 1000ft 750MHz 23 AWG Cable

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